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Hair Loss In Children


 Hair Loss In Children

In this increasing pollution-filled environment nowadays, our skin and hair have the most negative and bad effects. Adults, as well as children, are troubled by the problem of hair fall. Sometimes unhealthy eating habit also causes this problem, but apart from this, many reasons are responsible for hair fall. 

Hair Loss In Children

Especially, when children's hair starts falling at an early age, it can be a matter of concern.

A person's hair grows about 1 centimeter every month for two to three years, after which they fall into a state of rest. After getting into a state of relaxation, the hair starts falling out so that new hair can grow. 

In such a situation, it is common for children's hair to fall from 50 to 100 every day. But, when there is more hair fall, then take the advice of a doctor without ignoring it.

Causes For Hairfall

Nowadays, due to fashion and style, teenagers children are also rubbing hair. Hair coloring, bleaching or straightening and curling are also the causes of hair fall. The use of a hair dryer also affects the child's hair. Also, due to cleanliness and no application of oil, hair starts to weaken and fall.


Hair loss is mainly due to alopecia in children. It is necessary to have a medication done on time or else the hair is not born again. There are about 2 million children in the US.

Telogen Effluvium

Having telogen effluvium also causes hair loss in children. Many times, children start to suffer hair loss due to sudden shock, trauma, emotional problems, high fever. However, hair follicles are flexible, but when telogen effluvium invades, the ability of hair follicles to regenerate is permanently affected.


The state of partial hair loss in children is called trichotillomania. In this stage hair falls unevenly and in severe cases this condition can also affect the eyebrows. 

This happens when a child develops excitement of scratching his own hair due to some nervousness, fear. To treat this type of hair loss permanently, it needs to be uprooted from the root.

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