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Exercises to reduce your belly fat and give a well-toned skin


A Fit And Toned Body

Everyone wants to stay fit and have a toned body. But in the face of increasing stress due to work pressure and everyday things, people often ignore their health. This happens to most women and men. 

These days during work from home, along with office work, they are also under pressure to fulfil the responsibilities of the house. In such a situation, they're unable to pay attention to their fitness. Therefore, today we are telling you some easy exercises which by regularizing your fitness will be maintained and your body will remain toned.

Full Plank Arm


Plank is one of those strong and effective exercises that strengthen the back, shoulders and core area. Planks can be difficult to do in the beginning, so initially, you can stop yourself for 20-30 seconds. When you do it regularly, then it will not be difficult for you to stop yourself for a minute or more. Breathe continuously while doing this. 

The way to do Plank is also very easy. It is also very easy to do. For full plank arm exercises, first, get into the push-up position. Now stop yourself in this position as much as possible and hold your breath. Now place the feet in a height of one foot on something high such as a table or chair etc. Now plank slowly.

Vertical Leg Lifts


This exercise makes your hips and muscles strong. Blood circulation is also better by doing this. To do this, first of all, spread your legs towards the front and lie flat on your back. 

Now keep the feet just equal to the toes. During this time, your hands should remain flat on the floor, with the palms facing down. You can use yoga mats to keep yourself comfortable during this time.

Bridge Position

It is a tremendous posture strengthening an upper-body that helps strengthen the shoulders, back, arms, and core and will also help to open up the energy centres of the upper body. While doing this, the body becomes like a bridge. 

To do this, first, lie down on your back and then bend the knees. Now spread the legs 10-12 inches away. Keep the hands with the body and let the palms stay on the ground. Now while breathing, gently lift the lower, middle and uppermost part of your back from the ground. Now very comfortably turn your shoulders inside. 

Now place the chin in its place and apply it on the chest and support your weight on the shoulders, hands and feet. During this time the lower part of the body should remain stable and both thighs will remain together.

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